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Congratulations on your decision to ‘Check us Out’.

You know, all good things happen when you step outside of your comfort zone and say yes to something new! For more than 17 years The Donnelly Team has been part of the most progressive, cutting edge and energy infused financial services organization in North America.

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Congratulations on your decision to ‘Check us Out’.

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We’ve been called the Google of our industry more than once! If you’re ready to make some small changes in your life or if you’re on a quest to redesign your entire future, make the decision to test drive our company. We know our people and our culture can be your answer!

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Executive Vice President / Co-FounderLyall Donnelly

Lyall has over 30 years’ experience as an entrepreneur, starting his career in 1982 in Scottsdale, AZ with IDS/American Express. 17 years ago he changed his focus to helping people enter the financial arena and build their own companies.

He, of course, still works with clients and takes great pride in educating people in the art of how money works and believes that in order to make your money work for you, you must understand the fundamentals of personal finance. Lyall’s goal is to help every client implement:

  • Safe retirement strategies with income that cannot be outlived
  • Minimization of taxation now and in the future
  • Financial protection of lifestyle and family during illness or incapacity
  • Creation of generational wealth

Lyall has an extensive background in recruiting, training, and agency expansion. Building successful business teams and training people new to the financial industry is his passion.

Lyall lives in Colorado with his wife, Tina. They have 5 children and 7 grandchildren. He is an avid skier, enjoys golf and porsches. He can be found speaking and training at numerous venues across the US each month.

“It is absolutely my biggest pleasure to help people develop their practice in this rewarding career by aligning with a company (and people) whose philosophies and values create a fulfilling work environment and abundantly successful career.”

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Executive Vice PresidentTina Donnelly

Tina is a business builder, mentor, student, creator and passionate about finding people’s gifts and talents and encouraging them to embrace them. Whether that’s starting a part-time additional income stream or completely designing a new career and/or starting a business in the financial industry, she’s game!

She’s a Certified Demartini Facilitator, DISC Certified Instructor, Wine, Women & Wealth Presenter and leads numerous self expansion classes.

“Empowering you with new knowledge, resources & a proven business model is my expertise. If you’re searching for your tribe, your next chapter or your way out, let’s connect and see what we can create!”

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Ok, we know there’s lots of reasons to be looking for a change. Here’s some of what you’ll find building a new career or additional income stream with The Donnelly Team:

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