Tax-Free Retirement

With a tax-free retirement plan, you capture market growth while protecting yourself from market downfall. This is highly convenient for a tax advantaged retirement.

Indexed universal life (IUL) insurance is a form of permanent life insurance, consisting of a cash value component in addition to a death benefit. The cash value account of a policyholder can generate interest by following a stock market index designated by the insurer, such as the Nasdaq-100 or the Standard & Poor’s 500. Furthermore, there is the option of a fixed-rate account, and policyholders can elect how much they wish to allocate to each account.

Living Benefits

Compared to traditional life insurance (typically providing just a death benefit), Living Benefits Life Insurance provides so much more! And usually at the same cost!

Living Benefits allow the policy holder to access money, tax free, from their death benefit in case of a major illness or accident. These funds can be used to cover a wide range of expenses; student loan payments, home care, mortgage expenses, experimental treatments, and many more!

IUL For Kids

An IUL gives children a plan that provides financial freedom when paying for college, their first car, wedding, or even a home… all with the tax-free money. Consider gifting a child or grandchild with this awesome, multifaceted, powerful financial tool.

Start your child on the right path today! The short video below explains several benefits. Help your young ones achieve financial success for a lifetime!

Mortgage Protection

Not Mortgage Insurance for the bank! Mortgage Insurance for YOU! These policies can protect you from foreclosure and bankruptcy if the unexpected happens and you can’t make payments.

Mortgage protection insurance (MPI) is a form of insurance designed to pay off your home in the event of your death, thus allowing your family to remain safe and protected during this stressful time. Our policies also provide coverage if you become disabled or incapacitated. 

401K & IRA Rescues

Did you know that your retirement account doesn’t have to lose money to fees and market volatility? Did you know you can make great interest rates in accounts that are safe? Did you know your IRA can  pay out lifetime income (like a pension) if you use an Indexed Account?

Indexed Accounts present a means to accumulate funds for retirement and deliver assured income in retirement. If you seek an option to earn healthy interest but wish to steer clear of market risk, an Indexed Account might be great for you!

Business Preservation

Your business’s success is your success! Your business is one of your most important assets, and you’ve spent a lot of time planning for its continued success. Let’s get all the details in place.

Stage 1: Protect – Business success depends on your people. Will  business easily continue even if you lose the expertise of owners or key people?
Stage 2: Build – Reduce taxes, attract and retain top talent, prepare for the future.
Stage 3: Optimize -Implement ways to get the most from your business.
Stage 4: Transfer – Retire, sell, leave to family? Planning is the key to ease of transfer.

Tax Strategies

The future of America is expensive, and Uncle Sam is already taking steps to drastically expand the estate tax (aka the “Death Tax”) in order to pay for it. Do you and your heirs stand to be affected? Do you have a plan in place to address that possibility?

If you plan to someday leave behind an estate for the people, you love the most, the time to start thinking about the best strategy for that transfer of assets is now. An Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust is an increasingly popular strategy you may want to consider.

Estate Planning

Estate planning may not be on the top of your mind. But this evolves deciding who will inherit your possessions if you pass away or become unable to manage them.

Typically, this is done with the help of an attorney or other specialized individuals. A well-crafted estate plan can help guarantee that your beneficiaries and heirs receive assets in a manner that efficiently manages and lessens estate taxes, gift taxes, and other tax consequences.

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